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Delsanti Reborn Tangled Wishes x.x The Children of The Wild: A Wolf RPG

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 Tangled Wishes (new horse RPG forum) ((friends site))

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PostSubject: Tangled Wishes (new horse RPG forum) ((friends site))   Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:30 am

What do you think of when you hear "wild"? Do you think of the sunshine, or the flowers, or the cute little animals? You probably don't remember the other half, the real half. The howls in the night, the stentch of blood wrapping around your senses, the prospect of death that drives every horse to do what they do. Whether its good, or bad. Here in the land of the equines where the danger and treachery and hidden amongst beauty and what little truth these creatures can muster. But beauty is only skin deep, and you will soon find that out upon entering these lands. Will you survive long enough to find the meaning of a herd, a family, of... Love? Oh, the silly little word. Such a small word for such a big emotion, don't you think? Or, will you get tangled and knotted up in the darkness that surrounds oh, too many. Only the strong can break free. Will you survive another day to make your wish upon the stars?

w e . o f f e r

  • Lots of fun boards to post in.
  • Brand new! Will soon be needing more staff!
  • Intermediate/Advanced RPing.
  • Non-Complicated rules.
  • Quick character acceptances.
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Tangled Wishes (new horse RPG forum) ((friends site))
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