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 Cavo's Bios

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PostSubject: Cavo's Bios   Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:31 am

Name: OneX (my original character)

Gender: female

Age: 6

Summary of History: X's birth name had been Anaya. She was born in a pack called th Diniti Pack, all the rules were different from a normal pack. The females had no rights what-so-ever. Her two brothers, Riot and Pain, had been murdered by her father when they turned against their own packmates to protect their younger sister. Instead of killing her, Anaya's father exiled her with the mark of the bloody X shaped scar, slanted over her left eye andover her cheek. Blaming herself for her brother's deaths, she attemped suicide by diving off a water fall's edge. However, she survived. She cursed herself, and became black-hearted. Unable to trust anyone ever again, she became an assassin. She murdered many, even pups for a short period of time. Every territory she passed through, they called her "OneX the Merciless Murderer".

Eye color: pale emerald

Breed: Eastern Timber

S/F: dark red sash. dark red hairband. golden cross on golden chain (in the pic it is on the ground infront of her)

Battle Scars: the bloody X shaped scar (one long slash going up her cheek and crossing over her eye about two inches, smaller scar crossing over longer scar from cheek), upper arm scar (left upper arm)

Personality: cold and ruthless. aggressive and heartless. merciless and fearless.

Life Style: Loner

Side: nuetral (undecided)

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Cavo's Bios
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