The battle to get the Ball of Spirits is on. Will you be fighting against evil or good?
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 Wolf Veins Story #1

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PostSubject: Wolf Veins Story #1   Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:34 am

Four years ago, two pups were born. One male, one female. Their mother was the Queen of wolves, their father, though was a peasant wolf. As the two pups grew up, their mother became weak. The male pup, named Reicher, tried to help his mother as much as he could.While the female, Raven, watched in terror at the thought of her dying mother. But what Reicher did to help his mother wasn't enough. The Queen of Wolf Veins had passed away.

Soon after the Queens death, her sister, named Scarlett, took the place as Queen of Wolf Veins. The two pups grew up in royalty, constantly being talked to and fiddled with, until finally, Raven's string broke.

She went mad, and broke out with fighting strings, trying to steal the souls of all wolves, trying to win the most powerful thing in all of Wolf Veins, the ball of spirit. The ball of spirit is cast away into a far away land where wolves have tried to find it, but none have survived. It is told in legend that if you kill all wolves in Wolf Veins except for your own pack, that the ball of spirit will come to your pack, and consume you in it's power. The ball of spirit consists of all four elements, armor, weapons, strength, courage, bravery, and enough power to take over all of Wolf Veins.

Raven was two years old by the time she killed 40 wolves, and she was determined to kill her brother, and her aunt, the Queen of wolves. Reicher, though would not let his sister go through with her evil plan. When Raven charged at the Queen one day, Reicher charged at Raven and knocked her out, and exhiled her to the edge of Wolf Veins. There, Raven is planning to build an army, and take down her brother and the Queen. But most of all, she must reach the Ball
of Spirit.

Reicher will not give up, he, himself is building up and army and will not let Raven go within smelling distance of the Queen or The Ball of Spirit.

Who's side will you be on? Will you be in Reichers army and fight against evil to end the dark wolves and exhile themfor good? Or will you be in Ravens mob, and fight against the good to gain power over all wolves in Wolf Veins and exhile the good wolves for good?

It's your time to choose. Will you survive?